Access to the internet is more and more important for the development of the more remote regions.

Good internet connections are the lifeblood of entrepreneurs that would like to work in the digital work-space without having to move from their home. Internet and video communication enables services empowering remote working and decentralized teams, thus making it possible to be fully digitized even when living in North-Norway.

Mo i Rana is a regional net - hub with fiber cables connecting from all points of the compass.


However the regional net infrastructure in North-Norway is not optimal and we are participating with other partners in order to work toward a better regional infrastructure for the future.

Arctic Circle Data Center (ACDC) has participated in several projects aiming to improve various aspects of the net-infrastructure.

Midgardsormen - subsea atlantic cable project 

ACDC has supported Mo Industrial Park (MIP) and Midgardsormen AS in their work towards connecting to one of the upcoming sub sea cables with a possible connection to North-Norway.

More information can be found here (Norwegian)

Improved net routing

Together with other parties ACDC has been working towards improving the regional net - routing through several reports that have analyzed possible bottlenecks and solutions towards an improved net - flow. 

This is an ongoing project with possible benefits for the entire North - Norwegian and Nordic Region.