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Halvor Heyerdahls vei 48
Mo i Rana, Nordland, 8626

+47 751 55 000

Company presentation of Arctic Circle Data Center AS, a data center offering host, co-host, cloud, consulting and edge compute services.

We specialize in open source solutions and have made our own designsbased on Open Compute hardware and Open Source software.

We utilize the natural resources of the arctic; clean power and natural cooling to offer Edge Cloud Services.

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Learn to use our IaaS services with our new user guides!

Stein Erik B. Myhre

Learn how to set up your own infrastructure in our cloud!

Do you want to learn how to set up and manage your own infrastructure and VM?

Follow our new Howtos to learn how to launch your IaaS instances in three different ways:

  1. Through our dashboard / GUI
  2. Through the good old command line
  3. Automated through "Infrastructure as a Code" - with Terraform Scripting

You can find the Howtos at our support and help pages - Remember that all new customers can start testing our services with free resources.

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Arctic Circle åpner skytjenesten for drift

Stein Erik B. Myhre

Nettsidene til Arctic Circle Cloud Services ble åpnet for intitiell drift i dag. Dermed er norges nyeste skytjeneste lansert!

Vi takker for fin omtale fra MIP.

 Stian, Jan Erik, Arve, Stein Erik og Dag skåler for lanseringen!

Stian, Jan Erik, Arve, Stein Erik og Dag skåler for lanseringen!



Norsk design av "modulært datasenter" hos Arctic Circle Data Center (ACDC) får internasjonal anerkjennelse.

Stein Erik B. Myhre

Open Compute Project (OCP) inviterte ACDC til å holde et foredrag under vårens OCP Summit 2018 i San Jose, California USA.

CTO Øyvind Bakksjø fra ACDC holdt et av 12 parallelle innlegg sammen med andre aktører som Facebook og Intel for å nevne noen.

Vi har utviklet et eget design for containerbaserte "Miniscale" datasentre, designet vårt er basert på åpne standarder fra Open Compute Project.

Her kan du se hele foredraget fra Øyvind: 

Norways largest datacenter measured in compute/energy established in Mo i Rana

Stein Erik B. Myhre

New specialized Blockchain data center established by Bitfury in Mo i Rana.

Today Bitfury hosted a joint newsconference today on the 19th of march 2018 along with representatives from Mo Industrial Park (MIP), the Municipality of Rana and HelgelandsKraft.

The new data center has a calculated energy usage of 350 Gwh pr Year, making this the largest data center in Norway in terms of raw compute/energy consumption. By utilizing 100% green energy with certificates of authenticity produced locally by power supplier Helgelandskraft, along with a low PUE of 1,05 or lower, this is an environmentally sound installation compared to other installations based on non renewable power or installations that have power loss due to distances from power production. The Low PUE is naturally also a result of the cold average temperature in Mo i Rana that can be utilized in getting efficient cooling. 

Ideal location

During the press conference Bitfurys CEO, Valery Vavilov, praised the local industry and MIP for high flexibility and the ability to make quick decisions. The infrastructure investment alone has a price tag of USD 35 millions / 270 mill NOK and 30-35 new jobs will be established as a result of the investment. The added benefit of an reduced employer tax in Nordland also helped in deciding the final location for the investment. 

Block chain for the future

The data center is specialized in computing block-chain calculations and both racks, chips and general design is designed by Bitfury. The Blockchain technology and Bitcoins are key to more than just crypto-currencies and can be utilized in any form of secure transactions. Examples of Blockchain usage can be in document verification, public registries such as building, car etc, new insurance models and direct account to account transfers among others.  See below video for some examples of what Blockchain and Bitcoins can be used for:

Full article from the press conference in Norwegian can be found on the MIP homepages

Arctic Circle Data Center gets prize for "best new company in 2017"

Stein Erik B. Myhre

During the annual show held by Mo i Rana næringsforening ACDC was selected "best new company of 2017". 

The jury highlighted the digitization strategy and cutting edge technology that cloud computing represents and future development possibilities.

In Norwegian:

"Arctic Circle Data Center, som ble etablert i 2014 som et ledd i Mo Industripark sin digitaliseringsstrategi. Big data, skyløsninger og optimalisering i produksjonsprosesser vil få en betydelig vekst i årene som kommer, som vil påvirke måten vi jobber på. Her er ACDC i ferd med å ta en internasjonal posisjon.
Satsingen har allerede gitt ringvirkninger for flere aktører i industriparken, samtidig som bredden i parkens tjenestetilbud vokser. På slutten av 2017 kommersialiserte de sin egen skytjeneste, og de er godt i gang med å bygge opp nye typer virtuelle servere, databasetjenester og kunstig intelligens-tjenester." (bilde: Privat)