Our strength lies within our competence and will to learn and absorb new technology to make the best possible solutions.

To do this we need dedicated staff that genuinely wants to learn and adopt to the quickly changing IT world. These are the ones that make ACDC possible:


Arne handal

Arne is the CEO of Arctic Circle Data Center. He has many years of experience within different topics connected to technology and business from the oil and gas and maritime industries.


Jan Erik Svensson

Jan Erik is the business developer of Arctic Circle Data Center. He has extensive international experience both sales, management and business development. Jan Erik has been the general manager of ACDC from 2014 to 2018.


Øyvind Bakksjø

Øyvind is the CTO of ACDC. He has experience as a developer, team manager and entrepreneur. He has a broad background from companies such as Google, Telenor, Yahoo and Sun Microsystems.


Dag Gjetrang

Being the COO, Dag has the responsibility of designing and operating our technical solutions. Having managed datacenters in Digiplex and Coromatic he brings years of knowledge to ACDC.


Stein Erik Blichfeldt Myhre

Stein Erik has the role of Commercial Director. Having a wide set of skills from sales, marketing, management, IT operations and HR he coordinates sales and market activities for ACDC.


Stian Brandt

Stian works as Senior Operations Engineer with us and has particular responsibility for our network and system configurations. Having worked at the technical side of NAV he has broad technical knowledge.


Othar Linaker

Othar is our youngest employe, freshly minted as a bachelor of IT, However he lives and breathes networking and Linux. .


We also have part time employees as well as new starting employees this autumn, more presentations will follow