Mo i Rana is located in North-Norway, the region of Nordland, almost in the center of Norway and is the closest Norwegian town to the arctic circle.


Mo i Rana is one of Norway’s industrial centers with a 100+ years history of various industrial activity. In particular metal industry and mining have been central to this area. This has resulted in a strong energy- and physical infrastructure in this region.

Due to the industry need of production-control Mo i Rana was also on the forefront in computing. Mid 70's we had three "supercomputers" in Norway, one with the military research center at Kjeller, one at the technical university of Trondheim (NTNU) and the third one here in Mo i Rana. The legacy is a strong technical know-how and availability of highly skilled IT staff among the many IT companies here.


As existing infrastructure can be utilized, the construction of a data center in proximity to Mo Industripark (Mo Industrial Park) offers substantial savings in start-up costs. The current power and water infrastructures were designed to support heavy industry and are largely N+2 redundant with no less than 5 hydroelectric power plants delivering power directly to MIP whom delivers directly to ACDC.

Mo Industrial Park is already zoned for heavy industry, which helps speed up the construction phase.

Rana is a data communication hub with 5 fiber feeds dispersed over four physical routes; North, South, East and West from Mo i Rana. Establishment of an Internet Exchange (IX) is planned.


Proximity to power production facilities and co-location with other big energy consumers results in lower electricity costs derived from reduced delivery charges, shared security measures and logistics, as well as energy tax savings.

Low energy cost and inexpensive cooling (average air temperature of -0.5⁰C /31⁰F) combined with other factors such as lower business taxes, high IT competency and lower wages in comparison with more metropolitan locations, result in reduced operating costs for a data center i Rana. This gives better prices for our customers.



The establishment of a data center in Rana is very eco-friendly as opposed to many other places: Disruptions of natural terrain associated with infrastructure are avoided, all of the power provided is renewable hydro-electric power, Our proximity to power plants minimizes energy loss during transmission, increasing energy efficiency.

Existing systems for utilizing waste heat from heavy industry can be employed to recover the energy from the heat production of a data center.

Nordland County has a surplus production of hydroelectric power and in situations where data processing / storing is relocated from less efficient locations, an energy efficient data center in Rana would aid in the reduction of overall energy consumption.

Your choice in digital vendors have an impact on the global energy consumption - thus your choice of a green cloud vendor matters.