Data center and cloud solutions from the future



Arctic Circle Data Center (ACDC) aims to deliver world-class Data center and cloud services to the Nordic market. By integrating your own cloud services with your own data center, ACDC will be able to deliver a complete cost-effective range of services to drive our customers ' existing and future digitization processes.

We believe that the future is and becomes digital-in the way that a great many technologies will be based on data-either in terms of computing power, or in terms of that new data can be created and processed. This will require access to resources, digital resources, to drive the digital transformation and meet the needs of secure computing in an efficient and predictable manner.

ACDC has already developed and launched an independent, open-source public cloud service as well as its own infrastructure and is in process of acquiring funds to build its own full-scale data center.

Our vision

Our data and cloud services drives our customers ongoing and future digital processes.

Our mission

ACDC shall deliver world-class cloud and data center services to our customers

Our values

Our services, our behavior and our communications should be characterized by our values:


We want to be open, honest and transparent, we support and use open source code while we want to avoid lock-in through the use of open API’s, standards and familiar solutions. We emphasize good information and clear prices without any trued fees.


Our customers should be able to have the confidence that we deliver our services as we promise, we have understandable contracts and conditions that make clear demands on our deliveries. We use solutions that are proven and comply with current operating and delivery standards. We have and show confidence in our employees, customers and partners.


We want to find the best solutions together, either by working on teams in the company, or by working together with customers and partners to find safe and good solutions. We create solutions that can be easily integrated into other cloud services and digital solutions. Our support solutions should make it easy to provide feedback to us.


We are flexible and agile in our method of work and behavior. New needs and new technologies enable us to continually work pro-actively and flexibly to deliver world-class services. This means that we have to dare to try new things while continually renewing our competence and range of services in order to be relevant.


Acting professionally can mean so many things, with us it means that we have specialized knowledge of our solutions, we are trustworthy and do what we promise. We can't promise that something never goes wrong, but we do what we can to reduce risk and will always focus on solving problems in the best way. We have integrity and will not recommend anything that is not good for you as a customer, we take responsibility for our actions and do not owe on others. We choose sustainable solutions and take corporate social responsibility.

You can find more information about how we work in ACDC here.



ACDC Cloud Services IaaS offers the bread-and-butter of cloud functionality:

Virtual machines in various configurations

  • IPv4 addresses
  • Private networks
  • Attachable block storage volumes
  • Self-service operation via APIs and web interface

General properties:

  • All services hosted in Norway and operated under Norwegian jurisdiction
  • GDPR-friendly
  • Implemented using open solutions, open standards and open source software
  • Look out for new products and services; we are constantly developing our cloud

You can find prices, features and design info on our cloud services site - press button below for more info.


Your own cloud!

Using our infrastructure you can create whatever cloud based solution you need in order to drive your business


Full Scalability!

Add as many instances as you need, scale up and down on processors and memory as required. Fast and hazzle free service without interupption.

You only pay for what You use - done with the test?  - Scale back!

Get Storing

We all know that the more data the better result - add storage capasity as needed with our flexible storage solutions.




Hosting and co-hosting are some of the areas that we are planning to implement as a part of our "Campus" project due 2019. As of now we do not offer traditional hosting in our current cloud sites.


If You are considering cloud hosting as a low cost alternative then we can help You with setting up Your services in our cloud.

Please contact us if You have any interest in this and we will get back to You with updated information as soon as possible.


Access to the internet is more and more important for the development of the more remote regions.

Good internet connections are the lifeblood of entrepreneurs that would like to work in the digital work-space without having to move from their home. Internet and video communication enables services empowering remote working and decentralized teams, thus making it possible to be fully digitized even when living in North-Norway.

Mo i Rana is a regional net - hub with fiber cables connecting from all points of the compass.


However the regional net infrastructure in North-Norway is not optimal and we are participating with other partners in order to work toward a better regional infrastructure for the future.

Arctic Circle Data Center (ACDC) has participated in several projects aiming to improve various aspects of the net-infrastructure.

Midgardsormen - subsea atlantic cable project 

ACDC has supported Mo Industrial Park (MIP) and Midgardsormen AS in their work towards connecting to one of the upcoming sub sea cables with a possible connection to North-Norway.

More information can be found here (Norwegian)

Improved net routing

Together with other parties ACDC has been working towards improving the regional net - routing through several reports that have analyzed possible bottlenecks and solutions towards an improved net - flow. 

This is an ongoing project with possible benefits for the entire North - Norwegian and Nordic Region.



Arctic Circle Data Center aim to support our customers in transforming digitally and utilizing the opportunities within the newest technologies.

Internet of Things, robotization, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented realities are all concepts that can and will influence the future market for most industries. We want to ensure that our customers have access to the digital resources that they need in order to stay competitive while focusing on their core businesses.

We are involved in several digitalization projects in order to improve on current operations as well as trying out new technology and processes for the future. 

No matter what industry you are in; metal, production, aquaculture or technological new disruptive technology open up new possibilities, we offer cost effective tools so that you can strengthen the competitiveness of your business.



Let us know of Your needs and requests and we will try to find a solution together, contact us through one of our many contact points and we will get back to you.



Arctic Circle Data Center is working towards establishing a dedicated data center campus in Mo Industrial Park.

This will enable us to meet the many requests for a regional hosting and co-hosting environment that we have had from our customers.

It will also make it possible to offer tailor made rack space and solutions for those businesses that must meet specific industry standards such as payment and fintech as well as public services or high security demands.


Our current roadmap plans for building startup in 2018 with services available from medio 2019.

Let us know if You are interested in space or services connected with this project.